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About Us

About Us

We are a conditioning studio with one goal in mind - to help our clients live stronger, healthier lives. 


With over a decade of experience, our team is focused on your well being. We aim to help each client, regardless of their ability or disability to remain active so they can enjoy the best life possible. With safe and effective training, we help improve strength, cardio, flexibility and all around functionality. 

Located in Haliburton Ontario, our programs are built for all skill levels. Recovering from an injury? Haven't exercised in years? Do you suffer from chronic issues such as diabetes or arthritis? Each client undergoes an assessment so that we can develop then implement a specialized program just for you! 

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Heather Seabrooke 

Hi! My name is Heather Seabrooke and I am co-owner of Step of Grace Conditioning Studio. My love of fitness started 20 years ago when I quit smoking. Health and wellness became my new focus. The thought that I had been denying myself my best life for so long catapulted me headlong into making up for lost time. I became a personal trainer for the sheer love of being healthy and wanting to share that with others. Over the years I have added to that by becoming a physio therapist assistant as well as a Medical Exercise Specialist. Everybody has issues whether it’s back, Knees, arthritis, etc but, the idea is to keep moving no matter what. Our goal at Step Of Grace and my personal goal is to help each client reach their potential with safe, effective training to improve, strength, cardio, flexibility and all around functionality.


Brittany Burton 

Hi there! I’m Brittany Burton, a Certified Personal Training Specialist and co-owner of Step of Grace Conditioning Studio. My love for fitness started at a very young age. I was always active and involved in a wide variety of sports throughout my childhood. After spending a couple of years at university, I realised I wasn’t living a very healthy or active lifestyle anymore and I wanted to change that. I started working out in the gym and from there my love of fitness grew over the last seven years. It became a full lifestyle change for me, and I love helping others embrace a healthy lifestyle as well. Our goal at Step Of Grace is to help each client reach their potential with safe, effective training to improve strength, cardio, flexibility and all around functionality.



"I started working with Heather at Step of Grace in 2013. I had always been very active but a chronic shoulder problem had me sidelined and unable to do very much. With Heather’s expertise and guidance, my shoulder healed. I have continued with her classes twice a week since and intend to continue going for many years to come. At 63, and no doubt because of these classes, I am stronger than many of my younger friends and can keep up with the crazy antics of my young grandchildren.  Heather’s classes are fun and totally non-judgemental - she will have you safely pushing the limits beyond what you ever thought you could do."


I have always enjoyed working out with Britt.  She is fun, but focused on what you need.  When it was strength, I really noticed a difference in my body.  When it was recovery after hip surgery, it was targeted on strengthening the weak muscles and building flexibility.  She is so encouraging.  The studio is also well kept, clean and sanitized.

Britt is a lot of fun to workout with, and very encouraging.  It makes the time go by quickly when you are enjoying your workout—even if she won’t let me sit down and chill out on an exercise ball!  Working out with a trainer like Britt means that she notices when I am not positioned correctly or doing the exercise right.


I have been working with Heather Seabrooke for the past 7 years.  Heather is a highly accredited professional that custom designs a daily program for each of her clients taking into consideration each of their personal needs.  I can personally attest to the benefits I have experienced working with Heather.   My mobility has improved, my breathing has improved, my energy level has increased and my blood pressure has stabilized. I feel that working with Heather consistently has contributed to an overall improvement in my health.  


Contact Us

Step Of Grace 

83 Maple Avenue, Haliburton Ontario 


P Heather: 705-457-6749
P Britt:  416-707-1966

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We offer a variety of fun, safe, non-intimidating sessions geared towards any skill or ability level. 

Classes focus on a range of different things including strength, cardio, balance, mobility and flexibility. 

  • Personal training (one on one)  

  • Small group classes

  • Post-rehab recovery 

* enquire for availability and pricing*

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